Saturday, October 20, 2012

everyday craziness

this is life as it's been happening lately. 

the first stage of refinishing a dresser for Lincoln's Big Boy room (that is FINALLY starting to come together)  yes I've been planning this room for over a year now but since I don't just have money floating around to spend on furnishing his room, I've had to wait for the right dresser to come along at either a yard sale or craigslist.  And it finally came along!  Finished pictures to come soon!

Us moms get sick too sometimes.  For me it's more often than I'd like but what can ya do?  There was a small chance this picture was taken by a 3 year old who was bored. to. death. at my dr appointment.  We barely made it out of there in one piece.  Dr's offices should have childcare for sick moms (and dads) so that while they are trying to stay alive  sit up straight despite the dizziness, they aren't having to rock their baby in the carseat with their foot and let the 3 year old get away with whatever he wants because correcting him "may cause nausea."

Seriously would this not be the best idea ever?  well maybe not ever but close enough!

"HEY CAEDMON!  HEY! HEY YOU! HEY!"  -big brother Lincoln

 post nap snuggles with a boy who isn't going to admit he likes to snuggle with his momma.


He's MUCH cuter than me, when he wakes up in the morning.  What, you think that has something to do with his lack of ANY hair....nooooooooo. :)

oh these two.  

 this right here folks is the secret to my ubber organized house.
I know, I know it's shocking.  
Shocking that you didn't think of it yourself?  yes I know you are all kicking yourselves
for overlooking this amazing secret.
Just let a 2 year old and a 3 year old loose in your house.
House will be organized to the max within minutes.
{you all know I'm being sarcastic, right?} :)

Laundry: teach em young

a quick stop at the library with daddy before he left on his trip

cheese-in' it at joann's while mommy gets supplies for rosette necklaces and headbands

Chik-fil-a as a reward for being so good in Joann's :)

this kid cracks me up when I ask him a question....this is what I get while he's 
thinking of a response.

"how in the world did we live without chik-fil-a before we moved here?!"

ugh my lighting was horrible but the latest necklace I've made.
and now I need to make one for myself because I loved it so much!
{if you are interested in purchasing a necklace or headband for yourself or for a jumps start on Christmas shopping just contact me at
thelincbetweenus @ gmail . com and let me know what color you would like
or if you have questions about pricing}

I'm not an expert seamstress at all (I mean come on, I sewed my own finger!)
but I was able to teach my friend Malinda the basics of her new sewing machine.
Fun morning!

Oh and a quick plug for her, she sells these really cool personalized locket necklaces 
called "oragami owl."  You can share your "story" through your jewelry.
You choose a locket and then pick charms 
to put in the locket like birth stones of your kiddos, 
initials, special charms like a ribbon for breast cancer awareness etc.
go here to her website to check them out!
Here is an example:

Our state is beautiful this time of year!! 
{I was a passenger, not driving when I took this :) }

Story time at the mall

I let him stay up late with me and he made it as long as he could
but then finally gave in to his heavy eyelids :)

climbing, climbing, climbing

Sooooo Tyler was on his way home from his week long training.  He calls me on his way home to say he might be bringing a surprise with him.  Ummm, say what?  What kind of a surprise?  For a quick second I'm thinking, oh he knows I've had a long hard week of single parenting and he wants to surprise me with something special, maybe a giftcard for a massage or some flowers or a big sparkly "you rock!" ring?! haha, about a puppy?
He found her on the side of a four lane highway, tried for a few hours to find her owners, left his name and number on some houses, tried to call the humane society and they were closed.  Oh did I mention this was all in another state on his drive home.  So he eventually (because he has such a big heart for animals) just brought her home because he couldn't just leave her there to possible get hit by a car.

***side note: this is the 3rd time he's done this.  The first time he ended up with a mutt that he named Ike and we had to eventually give away.  The second time he actually found the owners....phew.  And now this time.  Oh that husband of mine, the dog rescuer :)

Not quite the big protective dog I was thinking when I said I was more open to the idea of a dog :)
She really is a great dog, and we think she's crate accidents in the house yet, which I expected lots since she's a puppy.  And she's super submissive, just lays down and rolls over when you pet her.  Great with the boys too.
Now Lincoln thinks that when daddy goes on a trip, he brings a puppy home with him.
He told him this morning he needs to go on another trip and bring home a kitty cat. Lol.

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  1. love the necklace! may just have to take you up on the christmas gift idea!
    and the dog is adorable. it may give you little boys someone to burn energy with in the yard...