Friday, November 2, 2012

Frankenstorm 2012

Hurricane Sandy made it's appearance Monday night and this is 
what we woke up toTuesday morning...
The far back right of the picture is the levy for the creek behind our house.
The far back left is open soccer fields (now covered in water!)
and then of course our back yard

Eating some lunch and praying the rain stops soon,
but in the mean time VERY thankful for that flood insurance
we've been complaining about for the last year.

It's hard to see but the white mailbox marks the end of our driveway.  It got
too deep for us to drive through for the day.  I guess since we're the newbies on the block, we didn't know to get one car out, drive it down the street and park it there in case we needed to leave.  
Huh, that would've been very neighborly of everyone to tell us :)

panaramic picture of our own Lake Erie back yard :)
notice my garden to the right disappeared since the first picture

Lincoln kept asking all day to go swimming in it.....Tyler compromised and got out
his kayak.  When life hands you lemons.... :)

That fence in the back is about 4 ft. high so the water was about 3 feet deep in the back!  

It continued to rain but everything receded Tuesday night and we were able to drive out
of our neighborhood Wednesday morning.  By Wednesday night, the water went down a lot and now there are just puddles at the back of our yard but the levy and soccer field is still pretty full.  

The best part?  We have a dry house!  I can hardly believe it!  I'm certain the only reason is that we had power the whole time and kept our sump pump running, constantly!  We were ready for it though and had emptied out the room downstairs that was closest to all the water.  
Actually the only water we ended up having to clean up was the water from the humidifier in Caedmon's room that Lincoln's spilled.  How ironic huh?  :)

There are still lots of people who are without power and the Red Cross has set up a couple relief areas in the towns around us.  Praying the power comes back on soon for everyone and safety for all who are working hard to get things up and running again!  


  1. oh my, praying that all is dry there again...We live a long lake Erie and lost power and the sump pump stopped running...we had a very flooded basement! ...and some roof damage but I still feel very thankful considering all those that are still without power!

  2. We are thankful we've never needed it but a couple of years ago Eric and my dad put a backup on the sump pump in our basement. We now worry much less about excessive rains! You should look into it--I'm sure your hubby could install it himself. :)