Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Papa and Grandma come to visit!

Harvest got done SUPER early this year and so Tyler's parents were able to come visit us this past weekend!  It also happened to work out that we were able to have Caedmon dedicated at church while they were here.  We've gotten used to family not being able to come to all of those types of things because they are so far away, but it was sure nice to have them here for it!  

Our kiddos are sure lucky to have such amazing Grandmas and Papas.  Since they've left Lincoln keeps saying things like he wants Grandma or he wants to show Papa something, or he wants to get on an airplane and go to Nebraska :)  Me too, buddy, me too.  

Flying Caedmon!

Lincoln really, really liked the new puzzle Grandma and Papa brought him, I think he put it together 50+ times while they were here

morning snuggles with papa

and now Grandma's turn :)

Brothers cruisin' around together at the Children's Museum

this rain jacket did nothing to keep him time I guess we need to put it
on him backwards.

I think daddy had just as much fun as Lincoln, playing with the water :)

 "watch this!"

 "you see Hurricane Sandy is going to hit this area hard in 3 days and we will have Lake Erie 
in our back yard..."
I should become a weather-woman, I predicted this storm WAY before it happened :)

Back massage anyone? :)

It was such a fun weekend and it went way too fast!  Lincoln cried the whole way home 
from the airport after we dropped them off on Monday.  Breaks my heart.  
But we will see them again in less than two months at Christmas.  And it also helps that
Aunt Kelsey is coming for 6 days starting tomorrow!  We are excited to see her!

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