Wednesday, November 21, 2012

lots to be thankful for lately


1. Thankful for the chance to do something creative :)
 2. Thankful for these 3 boys
 3. Thankful for a boy who will still snuggle before bed
 3. Thankful for Christmas decorations
 4. Thankful for 11 months

 5. Thankful for 30 seconds of peace and quiet :)
 6. Thankful for this baseball playing Spiderman
7. Thankful for the chance to start my own Etsy shop.....eeeek!  
Still in disbelief!

8. Thankful for friends to watch the Christmas Tree Lighting with
 9. Thankful for this man and how good of a dad he is.
You can tell by the way Caedmon looks at him, C think's Tyler
is a good dad too :)

 10. Thankful for this boy who made me a momma

 12.  Thankful for brothers
 13. Thankful for a helper while packing :)

and this video cracks me up.  He heard Taylor Swifts song once and then started singing it.  Now every time I start humming it or singing it, he joins right in.  Oyi.  It cracks me up because, really?  A Taylor Swift song is what he picks up from me?! ugh.  Oh and he didn't know I was video taping him :)

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