Tuesday, November 20, 2012

dresser redo

I've been in the process of redoing Lincoln's room (yes I know this is long overdue since we've been in our house for a year now!)  But I placed other rooms, which guests see when they come over, higher on the priority list and now that they are mostly done I've let myself start on Lincoln's room.  His room is repainted grey and I have the bed spread bought but we needed a dresser with lots of storage.  But dressers can be expensive so I started watching craigslist and searching garage sales.  One day on our way home from the park we drove by a house having a garage sale and this dresser was for sale.  I bought it right then and there, loaded it in my van and off we went!  I called Tyler on my way home and told him what our new weekend project was, he was overwhelmed with such excitement! :)  can you sense the sarcasm?  He's such a good sport!

So the dresser started out looking like this:
white drawers, blonde wood and blonde wood pulls with one that didn't match.

 We sanded it and then bought a dark gel stain.
And when I say we I mean Tyler of course :)
Remember, I said he was a good sport!

another view after the stain.

We decided to leave the drawers white and went back and forth on what to do for the pulls.  I thought about buying the cheapest wooden pulls at home depot and then staining them but figured that would be too much work.  I was getting frustrated because, dang!  drawer pulls are so stinkin' expensive!  AND I couldn't find the right color to match our stain.  But then I turned the corner and right there at the end of the aisle was a bunch of "bulk" packaged pulls.  And they were in the right color!  Score!  
So after everything, we paid right at $100 for this awesome dresser!  
our hold up for getting the rest of the room finished is the guest room bed.
I want to move the double bed we have in there to Lincoln's room.  But we need
to figure out a solution for a bed in the guest/toy room that doesn't take up much space - 
hence the reason for getting the double bed out of there. 
But we still want something big enough to sleep two people. 
Oh the decisions.... :)


  1. I totally relate to DIY projects taking 'longer' than normal. I love the idea of being a DIY pro but then I get bored painting or staining and have no idea what I'm doing...

  2. oh Marie it looks wonderful!! I love that it is so easy to redo a dresser these days! Thanks Pinterest!

  3. Watch craigslist for a trundle bed maybe?? A day bed with a trundle? Or check out pinterst for a DIY trundle & um... see if Tyler is up for that? Or there are totally murphy bed DIYs on Craigslist, but thats probably a bigger undertaking.

    1. Yes a day bed with a trundle is what I've decided should go in there. Now I need to save my pennies so we can get one! ha! A murphy bed would be AWESOME but I don't think Tyler's THAT good of a sport :) lol