Friday, November 16, 2012

playing catch up!

This post is to catch up from the past oh 2-3 weeks.  This got crazy around here fast
and I haven't had time to do a blog post in awhile.  So here's what we've been up to....

These fun headbands are my reason for the lack of blog posts :)
I was just playing around making a couple one night and it led to this...

and then this....

and this beauty!
A couple days ago I officially opened my Etsy shop!
It's fully stocked with lots of cute headbands and rosette necklaces
perfect for any baby, tween, teen, friend or mom on your Christmas list!  
A blog post will be coming telling a little about my shop and
everything in it :)

So between hot gluing my fingers together and screaming expletives nice encouraging words
for my children to repeat :) this is what we've been doing...

Yep way back to Halloween!
Here is my cute little sock monkey on his way to playgroup!

most of the kiddos at playgroup!
 and Aunt Kelsey came to visit!  Obviously Lincoln loved it!
Here they are coloring, which means Kelsey was coloring and Lincoln was watching :)

She's such a good aunt, getting down to their level and playing
games with them 

We braved Charming Charlie's with Lincoln out of his stroller....
yeah that got interesting to say the least.

lots of ideas for Lincoln's Christmas list were found at Barnes and Noble 

we tried to go to the nature center but it was closed since they
still didn't have power from the Hurricane.  
But at least we got a picture!

Running some of the energy out of Lincoln at Dick's

The top two are from Halloween quite a few years ago and 
Kelsey and Lincoln  recreating it :)

Halloween got postponed until the Sunday after Halloween
this year because of the storm so this was
our belated trick or treating!

 cutest little sock monkey ever!

His dad has taught him well....lessons in how to help mommy out!

I voted!  Did you?

sweet moment between brothers at storytime 

and that has been most of what we've been doing around here.  Lots of fun!
And I'm so excited that Thanksgiving is next week and the Holiday season has begun!
Got my Christmas tree put up yesterday.....a little late for me this year haha :)

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