Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Mommy Confessions

I saw this link up on Nurse Loves Farmer's blog and thought I'd join in as well!  

So here are my mommy confessions for this week:

* a couple months ago I discovered a beautiful thing.  The PBS app for my phone.  Why is the beautiful you ask?  Well it gets me an extra 1/2 hour to 45 minutes of sleep in the morning!  Lincoln is past the stage of just yelling for me to come get him in the mornings so now when he wakes up he comes right into our bedroom, climbs in bed with me and I hand over my phone for him to watch a show (or 2) :) while I catch a couple more zzz's before mr. C wakes up.  My kids have been and probably always will be my alarm clock.  I'm not a morning person and waking up before them to get ready only happens on Sunday mornings so that I can actually get a shower and make myself presentable.  Call me lazy I don't care but I can't deny it, it's a perk of staying at home!

* I was rushing out of crazytown Walmart today and in my hurriedness I forgot to buckle Lincoln in.  Don't worry, I didn't get very far.  I was only half way out of my parking spot before he yells (from the very back seat of the van because that's where he was for the trip back from KC with my mom and I'm not strong enough to get it unlatched to switch it back to the second row of seats and I keep forgetting to ask Tyler to do it in the evenings.....long enough explanation for ya?)  "Don't worry mom!  I'll do it myself!"  SCREECH!  OMG Marie how could you forget to buckle him in?! I'm shouting at myself as I run around the van, in the pouring rain, while another car waits with their blinker on to take my spot.  Ugh.  Mom of the year award....right here folks.

* I can't believe I'm admitting this to you all but the drive thru workers at McDonalds are starting to recognize me......Iced coffees you will be the death of me!  We pull into the drive thru and Lincoln doesn't even ask for fries anymore he just says, "you getting your iced coffee, mommy?" oh my.....

* I've realized that I can't go to the mall anymore.  I am completely satisfied with the clothes I have until I step foot into H&M, American Eagle, Gap, Forever 21....I could go on and on.  Ugh.

*  Caedmon's birthday is a week from this Saturday and we haven't gotten him anything.  And to be honest we probably won't get him anything....shocking, I know!  Seriously though he doesn't need anything and he's ONE for goodness sake.  He won't remember.  :)

*  We love The Big Bang Theory.  Sheldon Cracks. Me. Up.

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  1. I always wonder if parents get their kiddos gifts for their first birthday (and also christmas if they are young). Hehe I am with you on the clothes thing!

  2. At least it's McDonald's and not Burger King! Keeping it classy!

    1. lol so classy! I feel bad every time I pull into the drive thru knowing I'm giving my money....even though it's just like $1 to this greasy gross food chain. But I can't make it at home to taste right so alas....McDonalds reeled me in. ha!