Thursday, December 6, 2012

embrace the camera: Marshall's edition!

My mom was here with us for a week.....can I get a woot woot?!  
It was awesome.  We had a great time and she helped me out so much!

While she was here we made sure to sneak away one evening for a date night
{free babysitting!}

It was a good time.  Ate some good food, ran into some great friends and then finished 
off doing a little Christmas shopping {sans kids = time to actually browse}

So here was a little shopping extravaganza at Marshall's.  :)
Me and the Mr. Classy picture in front of a random mirror.
anything to embrace the camera right? 

Let me give you all a bit of background info before the next pictures.
My brother, sister, brother in law and us decided that instead of all getting
each other gifts this year we would draw names.  So we did that and then I thought
it would be fun to through in an extra loop.  Some part of the present has to be brown or have brown on it.  Somewhere.  

Soooo...Tyler and I were strolling hand in hand through Marshall's when I spotted some brown
hangers.  Thought I'd take a picture and send it to Hope saying she was getting those for Christmas :)
and the fun just spiraled from there!
We found this fun aisle and enjoyed taking fun pictures with creative captions
to both Hope and Derek giving them hints as to what they would 
be unwrapping come Christmas Eve. :)

"hoo hoo wants an owl?!"  "stop monkeying around already"
 "Tyler is 'thinking' about getting this for Hope"  "Marie.  With the brown candlestick.  In aisle 13." :) husband can't make a normal face.  
but I love him anyway :)

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  1. You guys are adorable! Love the pics! Looks like fun!

  2. How fun! I love Marshalls! Stopping in from ETC.