Friday, December 7, 2012

so I guess I have an Etsy shop? what?

weird.  never thought this would actually happen. always thought about it but never really thought I had anything worth buying, until a bunch of my mommy friends told me I should start selling my headbands.  I told them, "nah I don't think so."  I doubted anyone would like them let alone buy them.  But then, for some odd reason, I got a fire lit under my booty and asked my friend if I could set out some necklaces at her next vender show.  She said yes and I got to work.  Making necklaces and then headbands and then hair clips.  I made so much that I asked to have my own table.   So since I had all that made up already I decided to get my Etsy shop started.
Eeeeeek!!  Super exciting stuff going on around here.  That's for sure!

So if you have a need/want :) for a headband, necklace or hair clip for yourself or for Christmas presents stop on by and visit my shop!  I'd love to have you :)  I'm always playing around with ideas so stop by often to see what's new in the shop!  Oh and tell your friends!!  'preciate it ;)

Here are a couple things I've made...

The Linc Between Us {the shop}

And if you want to WIN one of my necklaces head on over to Sarah's blog! 
Hurry her giveaway ends soon!

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