Friday, January 25, 2013

insta friday

not much to say today except here are some instagrams as of late. 
enjoy :)

spiderman is helping me attack this pile of laundry

"no way you are gonna get two naps outta me today mom"

I think this kid likes spiderman a little?

a bath makes everyone feel better

friday donut date at home :)
Thanks to Lesley for the idea!

we're a bunch of sickies around here
but we're armed and ready to fight now!

lowes gave him a bus kit to build with daddy. he had a blast and
only almost hit tyler's fingers with the hammer 10-15 times :)

super excited about reading through this book with 
our ladies bible study!

Uncle Jarrod came to visit!

detox day 2 


  1. Love that spiderman mask. Awesome. He does the best laundry! :) What book is that?! Donut dates at home! so cute!

    1. haha thanks! the books is Linda Dillow's "Calm My Anxious Heart" so good!