Thursday, January 24, 2013

embrace the camera {jan. 24}

i've found myself trying to soak up each little moment with these boys.  we've found ourselves "stuck" at home more in the last 2 weeks than we have been in a long time and it's been a little refreshing.  don't  misunderstand that word though.  i'm going a little insane but by staying home i've gotten to see a different side to my boys.  they are only intereacting with each other and me instead of other kids.  both scenerios are great and there needs to be a balance of both but i'm so excited as i watch their relationship develop.  yes they are brothers and of course lincoln is constantly annoyed with caedmon coming to take his toys or push over his train set or acting as a monster truck to all his cars.  but there are so many more moments happening lately were they just get each other laughing.  lincoln will gently tackle caedmon and start tickling him and they both belly laugh for a couple minutes, before caedmon gets tired of it and crying ensues.  but those few minutes are precious, precious moments in my life that i want to cherish and remember forever.  
i know these days with them may at times seem long but the years go by so fast.  
so i embrace the camera so i have our times documented.

this is the best i could get this day,
and it get progressively worse...
 as each.
 yep, he's gone.

but that's ok, this picture sequence speaks the truth.  this is my life.  and i love those boys so much. 

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  1. lol! love the pictures. so true of little boys!