Friday, February 1, 2013


hello all, it's been a long week around here.  The Mr. was down for a week with a yucky stomach bug/sinus infection and both little boys took turns upchucking all night for a few nights in a row.  Needless to say this mommy is TIRED.  Wowza.  It's rough enough having sick kiddos all night but when your hubby is sick too and can't help, it's even rougher.  And the fact that Lincoln has hardly ever thrown up he didn't know to try and aim for the bucket.  I think one night he got 3 baths and I ran out of sheets for his bed.  It was awful.  But I think we are on the tail end of it.  Little Caedmon is still recovering but he's on the mend.  And Tyler finally went back to work yesterday after a week of sick leave.  He said he hadn't been that sick since elementary school.  Poor guy.  And I'm just crossing my fingers hoping I'm not the next one to get it.  So far so good.  

Tyler's parents are in town this weekend (yay!) and are "forcing" us to go out on a date this weekend. :)
Ok I spose we'll go out, you've twisted my arm enough.  
Built in babysitters?  I'll never pass that up!

Here is a look at what our past week (ish) has looked like.  
I kinda took a break from instagraming while everyone was sick. 
Didn't have time! 

Beautiful snow falling in our backyard

C and I watching the other two play out in the snow

L helping daddy scoop the driveway (for the 5th time that week)
this lake effect snow was really starting to get on Tyler's nerves about
the 3rd day in a row that it snowed "just" enough that he needed
to go out again and scoop the driveway.  
Lake effect snow = continuous light snow for like a week
(or at least that's my definition from what I've seen the past 2 1/2 years)

my baby daddy

made some adorable headbands for a friend
email me if you would like to order one (or 2, or 3) :)

I was going crazy from being cooped up in the house for so long
that I tried out some fake bangs via a tutorial on pinterest here

another cutie headband

and a fun hair clip!

"Simon says" is just an excuse to be bossy

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Adorable head bands! And that snow is beautiful!

  2. I'm so trying those fake bangs! That's awesome! Looks great on you!