Friday, February 8, 2013

insta friday

I feel like this week has been so busy that I can't think straight.  I know there is so much I have to get done but when I sit down to start on my to do list, I can't seem to remember what important task I needed to get done two hours ago but couldn't because I had Lincoln peeing on the kitchen floor and Caedmon wouldn't let me put him down.  Or maybe I'm just a mom and can't think straight no matter what.  This is why I keep lists.  Where did that list go?  And since I couldn't find my list, I wrote a blog post.  Very productive use of naptime huh?  At least I was able to relax for a few minutes.  
Back to my insta friday post :)
Here was our week at a glance...

Hide and Seek
I spy a little boy behind the curtains

hot date with the hubs

celebrating my 27th birthday
                      brown much?

working together to build some shelves
this kid was dying to use the drill

i adore him in this hat and oh those eyes they get me every time
one in every size? yes please!

 found this verse printed on the inside of the egg carton

donuts with my boys for my birthday :)

These days are long sometimes but I know the years are so short.  
I want to soak it all in as much as I can.  

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  1. yeah the little hat and those big blue eyes are captivating! and Lincoln looks so big trying to help put the shelves together. :) so fun!