Monday, March 18, 2013

caedmon {15 months}

oh my sweet 15 {seriously?!} month old boy.  it's so fun to watch you learning and growing by leaps and bounds each day lately.  you are such a little man.  and by that I mean you have no hair :)  it's slowly filling in but it's white blonde so you can't hardly tell.  at least we'll know what you will look like in about 80 years.

at about 14 1/2 months you started officially walking.  i love the first stages of walking when you haven't figured out the balance thing yet, and you walk with your arms up in the air.  it's so dang cute!  and of course you had to show up big brother by walking 2 weeks before he did.  you knew "how" to walk for so long and would tease us for months with a step here and a step there but you were too lazy to make anything of it.  As soon as we gave you any attention like, "go caedmon!  good job!" you immediately dropped down to your knees and crawled away.  stubborn little stinker!

you aren't talking a whole lot yet (again just like brother, totally normal, I just keep comparing you to girls your age, which I know I shouldn't.  Girls talk way earlier than boys so you are right on track) but that doesn't stop you from letting us know what you want.  You point to everything.  Just the other morning after you scarfed down your breakfast, I let you out of your high chair, you crawled right over to the counter and pointed right to the cookies sitting there.  And since it was the first time you had done that and it was pretty cute, you got one :)

We went to your 15 month check up this morning (bright and early!) and you are doing fabulous.  right on track.  lincoln didn't jump off the table this time so it was a little less chaotic :)  he is 50th percentile for height at 31 inches tall.  dr. van kuels informed me you will be well over 6 ft tall.  taking after grandma hunni huh? ;)  12th percentile for weight at 21 lbs.  no worries there because you eat everything under the sun, just have a super high metabolism.  wanna give some of that awesome metabolism to your momma.  i think you sucked it out of me when you were born!  and drum roll please............your head is in the 80th percentile! you got a big ole noggin.  lots of brains of course!

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