Monday, May 6, 2013

15 weeks

As I'm typing this I'm currently 16 weeks 4 days so I'm always "catching up" when posting these but at least I'm posting them, right?!  That's pretty good for baby number 3 in my books!

Thoughts:  How in the world am I already 15 weeks?! I'm gonna blink and this baby is going to be born.  I swear the time flies by faster and faster!

Baby:  about 4 inches long, crown to rump, and weighs in at about 2 1/2 ounces.  Baby can now sense light.  

Symptoms: That stubborn nausea is still sticking around but is still getting later and later in the evenings.  Once night it didn't start until 10pm which was fantastic!  

Weight: didn't weigh myself this week.  probably a good thing!  Although my doc said the more meat I put on my butt the less my shots will hurt....hmmmm, I'm guessing there's plenty there already to soften the sting, lets not purposely put more there. 

Movement: more and more flutters!!

Sleep: Still early to bed every night and sleeping well at night except for the frequent bathroom trips.

Cravings/aversions/eating: anything savory/salty.  burgers, fries, pizza, chips/salsa/guac on my now I'm hungry and need to eat one of those!  

Workouts: Still haven't dragged my booty to Jazzercise yet....just too busy and then too tired when I actually have time.  

Clothes: wearing a mixture of maternity/ non-maternity clothes.  Since the seasons are finally changing I'm trying to figure out what of my summer clothes will fit and what won't so that I can decide what maternity clothes I actually need to purchase.  

Random: Already starting to get "Lincoln and Caedmon's" new shared room ideas and trying to start on putting those ideas into reality.  I think we're decided on bunk beds that come apart into two twin beds, I bought some Ikea spice racks this weekend to use as book shelves, and just trying to figure out the rest of the decor :)  If we have another boy the nursery will stay the same for the most part but if it's a girl I'll have to do some more decorating.  

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