Wednesday, May 15, 2013

17 weeks

Thoughts:  I missed a 16 week picture and post....gasp!  but life will go on. :)

Baby: weighs about 5 ounces now and about 5 inches long from head to bottom.  Baby can move his/her joints and sweat glands are starting to develop.  

Symptoms: with all my pregnancies I've had terrible hip pain.  With Lincoln I assumed it was because I was stuck in a bed and couldn't get up and move around for 7 weeks but then it was there with Caedmon too and now even earlier with this one.  I've noticed that it's worse when I've been standing all day.  Not much helps it.  At least I know it's short lived and only a pregnancy thing.  It goes away as soon as baby is born and my ligaments return to normal.  
And still nauseous but it's starting later and later.  I can now make it until 10pm before I feel terrible. 

Weight: According to my scale I've gained 6 lbs.   :-/

Movement: more and more!  starting to feel more like popcorn popping in my tummy instead of just "flutters"  weird analogy but that's the only way I can think to describe it.  Best part in my opinion!  And after our sonogram yesterday, no wonder I'm feeling those all the time.  He doesn't stop!  

Sleep: my hips have started to bother me at night but still overall sleeping well

Cravings/aversions/eating: I'm always surprised at how much I don't want sweets when I'm pregnant, which is good!  It's just weird!

Workouts: Climbing stairs is my workout lately.  Man.  Honestly I'm just a little paranoid about doing too much around the house already so working out just hasn't happened mainly because I'm scared.  I don't want to compromise this pregnancy by thinking I can do anything and everything and with as tired as I already am I don't need to take on more stuff.  I think after I reach 26+ weeks I'll feel a little better about working out.  My main goal is to keep this baby cooking as long as possible!  

Clothes: Still in normal clothes.  I just wish the weather would make up it's mind and I'll go buy some summer maternity clothes.  Mainly just need some capris and shorts.  

Random:  It's a BOY!  It was confirmed at my 17 weeks ultrasound (doc told us at my 12 weeks ultrasound that he was 80% sure it was a boy so we just needed to confirm that) :)  Everything looks perfect with sweet little man and me so far.  He's measuring right on target and weighs about 8 oz.  I start my weekly shots next week and am so glad to do something that'll help me get as far as possible maybe even full term, wait?!  what's that?! :)
me along with my 4 BOYS!

I'm always amazed at these 3D (or 4D not sure which this is) pictures!  

oh my goodness, so in love.

Isn't he so cute?! :)

see his hand by his face in the above picture?  that's the blob that's still
by his face in this picture :)



  1. so fun! you and your crew of boys! :) makes me smile.

  2. So excited for you guys to have another precious little boy!

  3. Is it weird I think the 4D ones look like Lincoln?