Thursday, June 13, 2013

lots of family time!

At the T-Rex Cafe in KC

the boys could hardly peel their eyes away from all the animals
in order to eat.

their arms are about to be two boys fuller in a couple months

Laughing with Papa Jay

Lincoln "building" his dinosaur

Aunt Hope came over to Grandma Hunni and Papa Jay's house with her nanny kiddos on day.  They braved the slightly chilly morning in order to swim.  


Lincoln and Wyatt warming up

These two sweet friends came up to see me.  Miss them so much!

Caedmon is practicing for his role as big brother

Lincoln was loving miss Macie.  She is such a beauty.

Caedmon's first ride in the tractor.  He loved it of course.

 Lincoln's favorite kitty, Louie.  This cat will claw anyone one who tries to
hold it except Lincoln.  And Lincoln carries this cat all over the place.

Baby Shower for Hope and baby Weston!

4 of the 5 cousin's on my dad's side that are expecting between July and October!

Racing on the farm

This face says it all about Caedmon's feelings towards Kona.

{scroll to the bottom of the page and pause the music before watching}

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