Saturday, July 6, 2013

lincoln {4 years}

How in the world is my 3 lb miracle baby 4 years old today?!  Seems just like yesterday that he was little enough to cradle between my elbow and hand.  So little and fragile yet so very, very strong and a fighter.  I remember those long, long days sitting by his incubator just staring at him.  Watching him breathe in and out (on his own, which amazed everyone) wondering what he will grow up to be.  What his personality will be like, what his interests will be, what he will look like.  And it's only been 4 years but I've seen so much of that.  He is still a fighter and very strong willed.  Thank you Lord for those qualities because they probably helped save his little life but man it makes him a little tricky to parent.  That's ok though because I pray You will use it in his life to show others Your amazing love.  He is also a lover.  So many times he'll come up to me out of nowhere, give me a big ole hug and tell me he loves me.  Same to his daddy and brother and baby in my tummy.  He is already in love with his little sister from the "pilipeenes" and talks about her all the time.

He loves all things superheros, Cars and Toy Story.  Is very outgoing and adventurous when left to his own but when pushed to try something new or not he often holds back.  He needs time to just go for it on his own.  He is a ball of energy and rarely slows down.  Lately he has been full of questions about Jesus and heaven and it makes me so happy.

He has "caught up" from his preemie-hood, passed his toddler-hood and really grown into an adorable little boy who is beyond ready to start preschool in the fall.  he seriously asks me every single day if it's time to go to preschool yet.  he's probably going to be completely disappointed that he's only going two days a week but this mama couldn't let him go more than those two days for this first year.  Yep I'm admitting it, I'm a mom who doesn't want him gone more than he has to be.  nothing wrong with that :)

Love you to the moon and back little man :)  Happy 4th Birthday!


  1. Time sure flys. I remember so well talking to you when your water broke. Lincoln is an amazing little man! Happy 4th Birthday!

  2. How on earth is he 4 already?? Wow!