Tuesday, August 6, 2013

one of those days...

So I had one of those days where if you don't just force yourself to laugh about it all, then you'll just start crying.  So I thought I'd do a little blog post about it, to 1)write it down and then come back and hopefully laugh about it someday 2)make you all feel better about yourselves :)

My day started out rushed.  I needed to get my glucose test done and my plan was to get to the lab at 9 which meant getting the boys to my friend, Malinda's, house by 8:30.  Getting out of the house by 8:30 is a challenge and to say we left the place in a disastrous state would be an understatement.  But we made it there on time and the only good thing about the glucose test when your pregnant is the hour of quiet that I had to myself sitting in the waiting room.  Ahhhhh that was glorious.  On my way to pick up the boys I swung by the grocery store to pick up a few things (including 4 gallons of milk, yes it's a lot but all 3 of my boys LOVE milk).  So get that done, text my home health care nurse who I'm supposed to get my shot from at noon that I'm running late and will be home around 12:15.  She's so awesome, and was cool with that.  She lives right around the corner from me so it wasn't a big deal.

So I pull into my driveway right at 12:15 and she pulls in right behind me.  Which on a normal day would be totally fine and I'd love it because it was so efficient.  But the night before I was trying to take it easy and so of course the house fell apart and I had enough energy to clean just the front room (the only room she would see when she came, or so I thought at the time) and then add the fact that we had a super rushed morning, let me just paint you a picture of what my kitchen looked like.  Dirty dishes all over the counter because the dishwasher was full of clean ones that hadn't been unloaded that morning (which usually gets done right after breakfast.....obviously didn't happen), small toys all over the floor that Lincoln had spilled prior to leaving that morning, basically no clean spot on the kitchen counter at all.  Cheerios from breakfast thrown on the floor by the one and only Caedmon.

Now back to my garage.  I'm still in the car and remember I had just bought groceries, most of which needed to get in the fridge asap.  So I proceed to get the boys unbuckled and out of the van, open the trunk and my sweet, sweet nurse apologizes for catching me at the bad time and offers to help bring in the groceries.  In my mind I'm thankful that she offered but I'm panicking because that means that she is going to follow me in through the garage door to the kitchen and not in the through the front door.  {insert slight panic attack}  Deep breath, it'll be be ok.  Oh wait, I'm snapped back to reality by my 19 month old throwing himself on the ground right in the doorway between the garage and kitchen.  He won't move, my hands are full,  my nurse is waiting right behind me with her hands full.  I mean could this get any worse?  yes, yes it can.  I step over him, set down the bags and go pick him up.  My nurse follows me in and bless her heart, she starts putting away the items that need to be refrigerated.  So remember I bought 4 gallons of milk, well my fridge was still pretty full and I always have to shuffle things around to get them all to fit.  So imagine my nurse trying to do that, while I'm trying to calm down BOTH my boys now because they are both starving.  I'm trying to think of something QUICK I can give them to start lunch so my nurse can get started and not have to wait.  The didn't want a banana, grapes or an apple....so of course the healthiest option that quickly solved my problem?  a cookie.  hey, it's not the end of the world.  Ok problem fixed.  Moving on to the front room where my nurse is unloading her stuff and starts asking me the usual questions.  Hooks me up to take my blood pressure (I thought FOR SURE it would be super high but amazingly enough it wasn't)  In the meantime Lincoln decides he wants some yogurt, he asks if he can have some, I say yes and feel confident that he can get it himself.  Well remember all that shuffling around?  The yogurt got pushed behind the pitcher of water and the next thing I know, I hear a huge bang on the floor.  Water pitcher spilt.  I'm still waiting on my blood pressure reading so my nurse (have I mentioned how nice she is?!) jumps up to go clean it up.  My bp is done and I was able to keep calmer than I thought 108/58.  Not bad!  I switch places with my nurse and finish cleaning up the water.  Good thing it was just water.  No big deal, right?  Things surely can't get any worse.....

Lincoln grabs his yogurt and the biggest spoon he can find and in the process spills the yogurt all over.  This time I just yell from the front room for him to grab a towel quickly and wipe it up.  Ok, no big deal, it's just yogurt.  I'll clean up what he doesn't get as soon as my nurse leaves.  It can't get any worse can it?!?!

I move to the couch so we can listen to the baby's heart beat and usually both boys come running into the room at this point because they love hearing it.  When they didn't, I should've known something was up.  Caedmon came running but all I hear from Lincoln from the kitchen is, "mommy.....?" He peaks around the corner in embarrassment.  I instantly know what just happened.  He peed all over my kitchen floor.  He was extremely embarrassed.  This was the point where if I hadn't of laughed I would've broke down crying.  And I mainly laughed out of disbelief.  Is this seriously happening right now?  This was just too much.  Seriously.  I had him just run upstairs, clean up and change while my nurse quickly gave me my shot.  She left and I began the clean up of urine, yogurt and water.  Fed my famished boys and got them down for naps.

Wanna know what makes this even funnier worse?  Later that evening I went to go meet my sweet friend's new baby girl.  While there, with my boys, she was apologizing about her messy kitchen so I thought I'd make her feel better and tell her about my day.  I kid you not, I JUST get done telling her my nightmare of a story and I hear Lincoln from the other room, "mommy....?" yes my son had another accident all over their floor.  I wanted to crawl into a hole.  This time I was all laughed out and just wanted to cry.  A glass, or two, or three, of wine would've been needed that night if not for me growing another human inside me.  So chick-fil-a sufficed as comfort food.  Made me feel a little better.  :)

Today is a new day.

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  1. After spending a day shadowing a home health nurse with the VNA, its fair to say your house could be in any state & not compare to the things she has likely seen.

    And 2, I laughed all the way through reading this! Thanks! Hope today is better!