Saturday, August 3, 2013

lotsa random going on over here

This poor neglected blog.  Don't worry I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, I've just been busy.  Busy and tired and my preggo brain just can't handle one more thing right now.  So since I'm all over the place I'll just type up a random blog post to update you all a bit and just to give you a little random for your day :)

**Thing 1 and Thing 2 are now sharing a room.  It is going beautifully but I probably just jinxed myself by saying that so ask me again in a week or so.  I've slowly started to mess their two rooms into one and am finally decorating what was originally Lincoln's room.  This is one instance where I'm glad I was indecisive with finishing his room.  Now it's a blank slate so I can do something that fits them both.  We bought a sturdy wooden bunk bed set that can convert to two twin beds off craigslist.  First we're gonna stain it a darker wood to match the room and then waiting until C is ready to move to a big boy bed.  Right now he's just in a pack n play because it was going to be too much work to take down the crib, move it, set it up, tear it down for baby and set it back up for baby.  So the pack n play works just fine :)

**I'm 29 weeks as of yesterday.  Sorry no post yet (because I haven't gotten around to taking a picture!)

**Pray this little guys stays put, having some minor (which could lead to major) issues.  Baby Weston needs to meet this world WAY before my baby.  You hear that little man?  Stay put and cook a little longer!

**I haven't talked much about it on here but my journey with Origami Owl is going really well!  July was a slow month but it was a nice break.  But now I'm up and ready to get going again!  I had a vender event today that went well and a couple parties booked for the month.  I love that I have this goal of at least $18,000 that I need to get to for our adoption.  It gets me super motivated.  So if you are thinking about booking a party with me or just ordering a necklace for yourself let me know and I can set something up!

**Speaking of adoption here's a super quick update:  We've chosen the Philippines to adopt from.  It's about $18,000.  We have saved/raised $2,000 so far which is great but still a long ways to go.  It's a little confusing but right now the Philippines is closed (at least with our agency, meaning they have too many dossiers (paperwork from families) to sort through but our agency said they should be opening again soon.  How the process works: Application, home study, dossier.  So we are close to submitting our application to our agency.  Then we do our home study.  Home study's are good for 1 year and then you have to pay more money to update it.  So once we do our home study we'll have a year to wait for the Philippines to open back up and then we have to make a decision whether to wait longer or change to a domestic adoption (which is MORE expenseive, can you believe it?!)  So that's why it's taking so long right now.  I have a baby to prepare for AND since we have to wait anyway we've just taken our time with the paperwork.

**parenting my 4 year old has been very difficult lately.  exhausting.

**I painted my nails.  For the first time.  In years.  This is huge people.

**I'm excited to try this latte recipe.

**The cooler temps this past week or so has gotten me in the mood for Fall!  I love summer and all that it brings but man I'm ready for crisp mornings, pumpkin spice lattes, and for this baby!

**I'm excited to start up MOMtourage again this year.  It's a once a month get together for mom's of preschoolers that my church is starting up.  We are on our second year and it's been so great!  Are you in my area and want more info?  here's the website.  Our theme this year is "No More Perfect Moms."  Based on the book by Jill Savage.  

**And this video of my boy singing the last verse of "Be Thou My Vision" brought tears to my eyes.  Something so sweet about listening to your child sing a beautiful hymn.  {we've been singing this song, a different verse each week or so and then repeating it since he was born and tonight he wanted to sing it to Caedmon before bed}

And some pictures, because what's a blog post without pictures?! :)

I'm gonna be sad the day this kiddo's hair stops sticking straight up.  Especially when he runs!

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