Wednesday, January 15, 2014


hello?  is anyone still reading this here dusty blog?  it's been MONTHS since I last posted.  I just have been so extremely busy that posting on here got pushed way down on the totem pole of importance.  I've missed it tremendously though.  I love looking back on it and our lives for the past 4 1/2 years and I hope to continue.  I just haven't had the extra brain power to muster up anything to write.  Even the monthly posts about Dietrich seemed way too tiring.  Sorry buddy.  I'm still keeping track of your milestones weight etc just not getting it on here!  But here's some random stuff that been happening and on my mind....

I'm finally getting some sleep!  Dietrich is in a good routine of waking up just once at night and if I'm lucky he'll throw in a whole night stretch for me.  Those are just wonderful.  wonderful.

The boys were all sick between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  They start out with colds but then since they both have asthma it gets in their lungs and stays there.  So a little cold turns into weeks and weeks of coughing and breathing treatments, steroids etc.  So I was getting desperate in trying to keep them heathy and boosting their immune system.  So I started looking up things I could try and I'm going to be making elderberry syrup and thinking about getting a diffuser and diffusing some essential oils (hastag hippie) :).  Just in the researching part right now so if anyone has any suggestions pertaining to essential oils etc I'm all ears!

I'm still 20 lbs above my preprego weight and I'm trying daily to be ok with that.  I've learned that I just can't lose weight when I'm nursing because I lose my supply so I have to wait until I'm done nursing to get serious about weightloss.  But that is SO hard.  But I'm trying to be ok with it.  I only have this one 10 months - a year to breastfeed my baby, I have the rest of my life to get back to my pre pregnancy weight.  Breastfeeding is much more important to me, breastfeeding is much more important to me... keep reminding myself.

I've been so blessed to have a year of working for Origami Owl now!  January is my "owl-iversary" :)  This at home job has been so wonderful and I'm so grateful for a way to help us meet this huge financial goal of ours.  Slowly but surely we're chipping away at each dollar.  I also am a Jamberry Nails consultant and have been with them for about 5 months now and it's gone tremendously well also.  I love all the people I've met and new friendships that have formed because of these two "jobs."
(shameless plug) :)

It's January and this is the month that I told myself I would start back at the paperwork for our adoption.   Getting the process started again!  We couldn't be more excited and can't wait to bring our little girl home.  

Lincoln has been asking TONS of spiritual questions lately.  Questions about heaven and Jesus and how do we get to heaven, what is heaven like, does God's house have a basement (lol) and those questions and led him to want to ask Jesus to be apart of his life all the time.  So about a week ago I sat on the kitchen floor with him in my lap and listened to my son pray the most beautiful prayer and ask Jesus to come into his heart.  My prayer is that Lincoln will continue to ask questions and learn more and more about God and want to live his life for Christ.

I was told by a wise women (my mom) that I need to stop putting God in a box.  I've been in the mindset of "I have to do everything and say yes to everything."  And my reasoning was, if I don't do it, then who will?  Which is very arrogant and essentially puts God in a box.  Thinking that this or that won't get done without me doing it. But it will, because my God is NOT in a box and he doesn't NEED me for every aspect.  Right now I need to be completely focused on my family, my husband and my boys.  They are my priority and anything that gets in the way of that, I need to stop doing.  A constant balance...

A successful day in my books lately is when I can get all three boys napping (or resting in his room, in Lincoln's case) at the same time.  This has been happening a few times lately and it. is. amazing.

we're a house full of sickies again.  Yesterday there wasn't a minute when someone wasn't coughing in our house.  Lincoln's got so bad that I thought it was bordering an asthma attack.  So my doc called in a steroid and it helped calm down his cough but he was up in the middle of the night just not able to sleep so he came into our bed.  Wow was that something.  He was so uncomfortable, tossing and turning.  And at one point just wouldn't lay still so Tyler and I both turned our backs to him so we could sleep and as we did that Lincoln says, "why doesn't anyone want to sleep by me?!" lol.  I can't imagine why?!  and then an hour later he is still getting situated so Tyler thought putting his arm around Lincoln would help calm him down and he would go to sleep after awhile Lincoln sits up and tells him, "This is not a good idea." I half heard it in my sleep and chuckled.  I love him so much.  

So how's that for a random post? :)  Happy Hump Day!

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  1. Awwww. It sounds like it has been such a hard month in the house with the sickies (as I am hacking into my arm). It must just be that season.

    But iv wanted to mention as far as the weight loss goes. Try eating clean. You would be amazed how much that helps and you would still be able to breastfeed.