Friday, April 4, 2014

Dietrich Jon {6 months}

I've completely neglected this little blog, but it's been a good break.  I may or may not be back, the jury's still out on that but for now here is a quick update on our sweet Dietrich.  Who has decided to grow up.  I mean seriously, must you get so big so fast?!  

6 months old
14 lbs {5th percentile}
25 inches long {5th percentile}
head {70th percentile}
...rolling everywhere
...most nights you get up just once to eat
...have quite the charming personality
...still ebf but will start solids soon
...both bottom teeth are SO close to showing themselves
...all around a very laid back, happy baby boy!

Decided to take some 6 month pictures today while the other two boys had rest time.
Out of the hundreds that I took, here are my faves.  

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