Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Call.

Today is the 4th full day that we have had Baby G with us and it has been such a whirlwind!  And what a wonderful whirlwind it has been!  There is so much I want to blog about, so much that I've learned already about myself, the foster system and just fostering in general.  But for today all my sleep deprived mind can handle is that first day.  I want to remember the details so I have to get it down before I start to forget some of it.  

We knew it could be any day that we would get a call.  We were able to meet our support worker and her supervisor last Friday.  They came out to our house to see it and to just get to know us a little better.  And before they left they said, "who knows, you could get the call this weekend or a month from now."  Little did we all know it would be 4 days later. :)

 I had been on high alert constantly and Tuesday was no different.  Monday Tyler had worked a long day.  18 hours to be exact and so he decided to take the morning off and just go in for a little while in the afternoon.  I had planned on going to Y to workout so we all just ended up going together.  We got home, ate lunch, and sent Lincoln off on the bus.  Tyler left for work and I put Caedmon and Dietrich down for naps.  I made myself something for lunch and after doing a load of laundry and picking up around the house I sat down to do my quiet time.  My "first 5" app devotion was on having faith and what faith exactly is.  "Faith is being sure and certain.  It's having complete assurance and trust in something or someone.   It's believing in action first -- even before we experience a hopeful outcome or receive fulfillment of a promise made."  It was exactly what I needed to read as I was trying not to get discouraged while we were waiting.  To have faith in God's perfect timing.  

I had a little extra time after I was done so I opened up my iBooks app and was reading "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan. So I was sitting on my couch just staring at my phone, deep into a book when my screen changed and it started ringing.  It was from our agency.  I jumped right up as I answered and told myself to stay calm, they are probably just calling to talk about something else.  And then I heard the words, "Hi Marie, I'm _________ and I'm calling about a possible placement."

She proceeded to tell me details and I frantically searched for a pen and paper to write down as much as I could.  I was also darting around trying to find my sheet that they gave us with questions to ask about a possible placement.  I finally found it and by this time I'm shaking uncontrollably.  All my writing is hardly legible because I was literally shaking so hard.  At the end of the call I told her it was most likely a yes but I of course had to call Tyler to ask for sure.  

I called him right away and after telling him everything he just said, "so this is really happening?!  ok, tell her yes!  I'll be home ASAP"

He's so even keeled and I'm over here having to change my shirt because I'm sweating so bad from the adrenaline rush LOL.  

I called the agency back and gave our official "yes" and this all happened around 2:45 and she tells me that the social worker will be bringing Baby G to our house sometime between 5-6pm that same evening.  Excited. Nervous.  Scared.  Panicked. Overjoyed.  What do I do first?  I stood in the middle of my kitchen just frozen, trying to organize my scrambled thoughts and making a mental list of what I needed to do to get ready for a newborn to come live with us in 2 HOURS!  The first thing I knew I had to do was get up in our attic and get the newborn tub of clothes down and get them in the washing machine.  So I'm tearing apart our attic looking for it, bringing tubs inside, trying to find all our baby items that we might need.  I broke a light socket in my rushing and almost fell down the stairs but eventually I got everything out that I needed and by that time Lincoln was getting off the bus.  I told the boys what was going on and they were all so excited!  Caedmon's first words out of his mouth are, "do we get to keep him forever?"  Bless his heart, we have been and still are, trying to explain it all the the boys but it's a hard thing to wrap their little minds around, a baby coming to live with us for a short time or possibly could turn into forever.  

Tyler got home around 4:30, I pulled a frozen lasagna out of the freezer and stuck it in the oven so we would have something to eat once the case workers were done with paperwork, and then we just waited.  We all just sat in the front room staring out the window like crazy people.  ha!  And right at 5pm on the dot, our case worker pulls into our driveway.  We aren't sure what to do, do we wait inside for her to bring him in? Do we run out there?  :)  We met her on the front porch and she took us over to her vehicle, opened the door, got this sweet baby out of his carseat, turned to me and said, "are you ready?" and just handed him to me.  Just like that!  Oh my heart.  In that instant our world collided with his and our lives are all changed forever.  He was so tiny and I was told he was super fussy.  I held him from that point on while we did an hour or so of paperwork and he didn't make a peep.  He was perfect.  

It was all a bit overwhelming and it's still kinda crazy but we are so in love with this little boy.  We are adjusting to having four BOYS and I love that I get to do this journey with Tyler.  We are not guaranteed tomorrow with Baby G, but in reality we aren't guaranteed tomorrow with any of our boys.  So for as long as he is with us we will love him fiercely, like he deserves.  

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