Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Snot Snot Snot

This is how he woke up this morning. He like to sleep on his tummy now and so all his snot gets all over the sheets and then he lays in it.......sorry if this is too gross for some of you out there :)

Lincoln has his first cold right now and he is one snotty boy! He, like most kids, hates it when I try to wipe his nose or use the little aspirator to suction it out, so it's a battle all day long to sneak up and do it before he gets all upset. Just a little while ago Lincoln was playing in his exersaucer and he was leaning over playing with a toy when he sneezed and banged his poor little noggin' on the toy he was playing with! He was so surprised, I had to hold back a chuckle but he didn't cry :)

I am very thankful though that he is still able to sleep pretty well even though it's getting harder to breathe out of his nose. Hopefully the cold won't last long and he'll be back to his normal self soon.


  1. hey marie -

    have you tried the "boogie wipes"? they are basically a saline soaked kleenex. super soft on their little noses, and they even make them grape flavored!

    cash is on his second cold and the boogie wipes are a lifesaver. he hates his nose wiped, but doesn't mind as much the soft, yummy boogie wipes. plus, his nose doesn't get raw.

    don't you feel so helpless when they can't breathe? poor little guys.

  2. I'll have to check those out! I just feel so bad when he doesn't like getting his nose wiped, maybe those would help.

    I do feel so completely helpless when they can't breathe! I know how it feels and hate that he has to feel that way!