Monday, February 1, 2010

Never Too Early start looking for a good deal on the next carseat Lincoln will use! I know it'll still be awhile until Lincoln moves up to the next type of carseat but they can be pretty pricey and I wanted to start looking now so I can get as good of a deal as I can! So I found this blog through a friend and it tells all about "Good Buys" for Babies! It's an awesome blog and wish I would've found it sooner!

Anyways they are having a drawing to give away a Britax Carseat like this one and I would LOVE to win it! From everything that I've heard and read Britax is the BEST in carseat safety ratings etc.

So if you are a mom and have a little one that you would like to save some money on, check out this blog

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  1. Keep an eye on Craigslist too. I checked it for MONTHS and finally found a new Britax carseat for over 100 dollars off sticker price. It's a great car seat. But, hopefully you can just win one! :)

    Thanks for sharing the blog too.