Monday, May 3, 2010

My Brother's Prom

Oh good ole high school prom!  I love that I'm able to be apart of things that Trey is doing.  He spent his entire childhood at the gym watching my volleyball and basketball games and practices and I feel like I haven't been able to see as many of his things as I would like.  Well I was lucky enough to get to send him off to his prom, wow I can't believe he's THAT old already!  I FEEL SO OLD!  Here are some pictures from the evening:

My Studdly bro

Trey and I (my "little" brother)

The awesome coursage and boutinerre he made out of duct tape!

Lyndsee and her two dates :)

Our family except Tyler :(

Trey and Lincoln

Trey, Rasmus and Lyndsee with Pastor Scotty and Carrielynn

Their whole group on the slide

Lincoln got to play in the park while we took pictures :)

This picture turned out great!

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