Saturday, June 5, 2010

D.C. Trip Weekend 2

So we got back to Nebraska this past Tuesday and we had such a great time in DC seeing Tyler!  We spent our time during the week (we couldn't see Tyler those days because he had classes and it's over an hour drive away and we didn't have a car so....) with Craig, Allie and little Elise.  They moved from their apartment to a town house that week so it was crazy busy!  I just LOVE their new place and it's such a unique set up.  Then Friday came and we got to spend another fun weekend with Tyler! 

Lincoln's gummy smile.  He's so happy to see Daddy again!

Lincoln loved playing with Daddy in the hotel

And playing at the park for the first time! 
It was really crowded so we didn't stay very long but Lincoln loved the slide.....
you can't really tell from the picture but I promise he had a good time.

Attempt at a family picture in front of the fountain....I think Lincoln was more interested in a ducks on the other side :)

My two handsome boys

Lincoln was LOVING this lemon!

Lincoln discovered how to wiggle his legs so that his butt slides around on the tub....we were laughing pretty hard.

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