Sunday, June 6, 2010

weekend 2 [continued...]

The second weekend that Lincoln and I were there, my brother Trey and my parent's foreign exchange student, Rasmus, flew out to tour DC.  They had two days of touring and so Tyler, Lincoln and I went with them the first day.  I'm so glad we did, we had such a great time!  We did a LOT of walking that day and I woke up so sore the next morning....ouch!  Here are a couple pictures of what we saw...

Starting our day on the Metro from Gaithersburg, MD into DC

Our first stop was in front of the White House (although I think this was the back of it)
[don't you love the lady who decided to join in on our picture?]

WWII Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial/Reflection Pool in the background

Taking a bottle break but Lincoln was too interested in the annoying ducks that wanted our food...
...or maybe it was my brother who was annoying by leaving a trail of poptart crumbs right up to Lincoln and I...hmmm

Tyler's artistic side ;)

Behind us is the Washington Monument and Reflection Pool

My Lincoln in front of Mr. Lincoln 
[I felt kinda funny saying...."Lincoln, look here!  Smile for the camera!" hehe]

Korean Memorial
[the burp rag on top was an attempt to help keep Lincoln out of the sun since mommy forgot sunscreen...
thankfully no sunburn for him....wish I could say the same about me!]

Washington Monument

Our only choice for lunch was McDonald' nutritious and refreshing during a long day in the sun! Not.
[and Tyler's hand look huge around that burger!]

We rode lots of escalators....Lincoln had a LONG day!

At Arlington Cemetery right after we saw the changing of the guard. 

And back on the metro after a LONG but fun day of touring!

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