Friday, July 2, 2010

2nd Cousins

This past year was the year of the babies on my dad's side of the family.  Myself and three of my cousins had babies and all of them were born 3 months after the other.  Starting last April with cute little Fallon and then Lincoln was born in July, Adeline in October and then Benjamin in January.  Fallon, Adeline and Lincoln had all met each other but we got the chance to finally meet baby Benjamin a couple weeks ago.  It was so fun! 

Lincoln (11 mos.) and Fallon (14 mos.) had fun playing together at Lisa's Jewelry Party

Everett (2) and his sister Adeline (8 mos) had fun crawling around with Lincoln (11 mos.) at Great Grandma Hunnictt's house.

Lincoln (11 mos) finally got to meet Benjamin (5 mos) but mainly wanted to play with his toys

He did end up trying to share the football with Benjamin...or was it because he wanted to crawl all over the carseat? hmmmm.....:)

Lincoln (11 mos) and Adeline (8 mos) had fun "dancing" at my cousin Josh's wedding June 19th.
My cousin Megan's husband, Chris is holding Lincoln and Adeline's dad is my cousin Zach

Adeline and Lincoln playing at GG's house
It's so fun that we're around so many cousin's and second cousins while we're staying in NE.

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  1. You are a familly of unique names! I bet its so much fun having all those little ones together!