Friday, January 7, 2011

Lincoln {18 months}

18 months, really?!  How can that be?  It seems like just the other day we were traveling back and forth to the hospital to see you...

Lincoln at birth...

Lincoln at 18 months!

wow you have come a long way.

At 18 months you:

... are running EVERYWHERE.  Seriously you have so much energy I wish I could figure out a way to tap into it somehow!  You hardly ever act tired at night.  You keep going and going and going until we set you in your crib and then you start rubbing your eyes and fall asleep within just a couple minutes.  Sorry buddy, you can't fake out this momma! :)

... have 6 of your front teeth and just got two molars on top and one on the bottom poking through.  A second one on the bottom is really close to poking through also.  Hopefully those teefers will help you chew up your food a little better and not choke so much [to scary for momma].

...weigh right at 20 lbs.  You can "officially" be turned around in your carseat to face forward but we might wait a little longer, just because research shows it's safer to be backwards and as long as you don't mind looking at the back of the seat we'll keep ya there!

...can say, dada, mama, no [much to my dismay, probably because you hear it so much], moo, baa, papa, buh bye, bye, hi, oh no!,  nigh nigh and LOTS of other jibberish

...can sign for please, thank you, more, milk, help, yes, eat, and all done

...make engine noises for your trucks and cars by blowing spit out of your mouth [lovely, I know] and more recently you've started saying your version of "vroooom!" when you hear a song on the radio or tv that you think has a great beat to it

...are VERY ticklish [but only mommy has the special touch!]

...have a special dance that you do when Daddy gets home from work that includes (but is not limited to) spinning around in circles and lots of squealing and laughing. to read books!

...are a very good sleeper [bed at 8pm and sleep until 7:30ish] with for sure 1 nap in the afternoon and sometimes also a morning nap still

...are a very finicky eater.  We're lucky if you eat more than 4 bites at any meal, hoping that changes soon!

...LOVE whole milk [between you and your daddy we got through 3 gallons a week!]

...climb on everything.  A couple weeks ago you were balancing on the arm of the are definitely your father's child! :)

...can drink out of a straw!!!  I let you try mine today and you did it right away!  We'll have to start working on not lifting up a cup that you drink with a straw now ;) everybody.  You'll go without hesitation to anyone at church or anytime we're hanging out with a group of kids/adults.  You like to make your rounds and make sure everyone holds you.  Coming from two pretty quiet parents, you sure are outgoing!

...have a pretty good arm when throwing balls already.  You favor your right hand with throwing but will eat equally with both hands. being outside!  You don't care that it's cold out [until you fall in the snow!].  You cry a LOT when we have to come back inside :(

Oh Lincoln I just love you so much and am loving every stage of you growing up.  But could you slow down a little?  It's happening WAY to fast for this momma. I just want to savor every day with you.  I'm so thankful to get to stay home with you and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.  You have impressed us from day 1 and continue to do so.  I love you so much and am so lucky God gave me the chance to be your mommy!

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