Thursday, April 14, 2011

on my heart

my heart is all over the place.  I knew that it would be like this when we started thinking about adoption but I never thought we would pursue adoption through foster care.  Granted this is a very unique situation and I'm not even the one providing the foster care for this child that we want to adopt but my heart is already gone.  This little boy has stolen it and he won't give it back. :)  His case is all up in the air still and you never know which way a judge is going to rule.  All I can do is pray.  Pray God's will to be done in this little boy's life.  That he will end up with the family that he is supposed to (and of course I add in there, specifically that he would end up in our family).  But that is hard.  

Like I already said, this is a unique case and I get the opportunity to spend time with this little boy.  To get to know him.  Learn how to take care of him.  Find out things he's learning right now in PT.  Make him laugh.  Watch him interact with Lincoln.  

I am loving this. I am loving him.  I want the best for him.  So I place him in open hands, like I've learned to do with Lincoln.  We are not promised tomorrow, with our kids and I am not promised a future with this boy but I can love on him every opportunity I'm allowed.  

So that is what is, and has been, on my heart lately.  

I'm linking up with Casey's "what is on your heart."


  1. WOW! Found you through Casey's linkup and love this! My husband and I want to be foster parents but have decided to wait until our children are a little older...his mom fostered 4 children and adopted as well. I pray that God provide this child with a loving home.

  2. girl, i have been emotional all wk and this just made me weepy! this is soooooo so incredibly sweet. im dying to know so much more ab this precious story!!!!!!!! so so amazing

  3. That's ok that your heart's gone. . . I think God is so honored by loving hard and not being overly guarded. He can do so much with that. Of course we're praying that He does a CERTAIN-something with that. . . :) Love you guys!

  4. Wow are a blessing on this boy already. I'll be praying!

  5. Found you through Casey's Link up!! and I am now following :)

    My emotions are getting the best of me and there is a tear rolling down my cheek. You have many prayers coming your way! May God grant what is best for all of you.

  6. Wow! I'm so glad to hear that the ball is rolling on the adoption. Prayers friends!

  7. Praying for you. We've been considering Fost-Adopt. We're just praying about it now, no big moves. We just had friends go through it and the parents signed away their rights last week. It was heartbreaking yet amazing at the same time.