Tuesday, September 6, 2011

21 weeks

This post is a little late because this past weekend the Mr. and I were able to drive up to our friends' wedding in Grand Rapids, MI.  We drove up Saturday morning (along with 2 other families), had a great time at the wedding and took our time driving back (actually turned a 4 hour drive into almost 8 hours!) we stopped at an outlet mall, ate some yummy mexican food and the guys thought a trip to cabela's was necessary :)  It would've been fun to take Lincoln with us but my mom was able to come up for the weekend and watch him.  It was a nice little getaway for us before this little babe comes!

21 week belly shot at the hotel so I've got a white background instead of black but it worked out well since I wore a black/grey dress to the wedding 

*really needing to find some maternity jeans that are comfy AND long enough!  Any suggestions from all you "long-legged" mommas out there?  My next try is Motherhood Maternity.
*really feeling like I have a belly on me now = love it!
*starting to form a good idea of what I want the nursery to look like....kinda hard to plan though since we have no idea where we will be living come January!
*Total weight gain 7-8 lbs.
*Still really tired, we're thinking maybe it's my iron levels so stocking up on iron rich foods to see if that helps.  I'll get it retested when I do my glucose test in a couple weeks.
*cravings = I could still go for a steak anytime of day, yum
*food aversions = sweet snacks hardly sound good
*reality of hitting 24 weeks is making me just a little anxious.....praying like never before that this bag of amniotic fluid surrounding our precious boy has walls of steel and doesn't break!

Well that's all I've got for this past week!  


  1. I've been thinking about you and that baby! Many prayers are coming your way in the next few weeks.

  2. love the new blog look and was a pretty photo of you! you look great!

  3. awww your bump is the cutest hunny and i hope the tiredness gets better i had low iron in my pregnancy my other half made me eat nettle soup its yummy and full of iron xx

  4. Have you tried Old Navy? I got a really cute pair there years ago! Oh, and you look fabulous!

  5. i got lots of long pregnancy pants at gap.com. watch for sales cuz they are a little pricy but very very comfy. :)