Thursday, February 16, 2012

old school photos

Here are a bunch of random old school photos that I just found the other day and they are NOT in order.

Hope and I before we got our hair cut

And after

almost 2 years old

Dressed up for a volleyball game my senior year

Home Ec did wonderful things for my cooking/baking skills :)
I was SO proud of this beautiful pie!

My little cousin Madison after one of my basketball games

You can't really tell but I'm holding up my awesomely HUGE bangs to show the "stitches imprint" I got from a softball the day before.  Sun got in my eyes during a game and it hit me straight between the eyes

First day of school maybe 5th grade?

Hope and I after a volleyball game with our little cousins Kinsley and Payton

Holding my cousin Madison (from picture above) with other cousin Karinne

My first Christmas 10 months

Hanging out with Jacob waiting for his little sister (one of my best friends) to be born

Club Volleyball

my cousin Zach helping out

Matt and Tyler came to Kansas City for one of my volleyball tournaments 

Wow I totally see both my boys in this picture

Spirit week at school
those were some awesome boots!

my bff Shannon and I
Sweet bangs!


  1. Too fun. One of my favorite things to do is look back through old pictures :)

  2. I LOVE looking at the clothes in old pictures. Thinking OMG! And wondering what our kids will think of what we dressed them up in 25 years from now!

    You have inspired me though. I may be doing this soon too ;)