Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Easter {picture overload!}

We were able to drive back to Nebraska for Easter this year.  It was a LONG drive {15 hours! } 
but SO worth it.  We got there Friday morning before Easter and had lots of time to hang out on the farm with Tyler's family.  Here is our weekend in pictures...

Caedmon got some snuggle time with Papa

and then Grandma got her snuggle time with him :)
Tyler and Seth our soon to be brother-in-law, hanging out in the yard 
We are so excited for Kelsey and Seth to get married in June!

Papa got out the BIG toys and let Lincoln drive

"Hi, Mom!"  
"Look at me!"

Lincoln, Tyler, Seth, Kona and Kelsey
Tyler got his "Kona fix"  he sure misses his dog!

Lucy G. and Caedmon finally got to meet!  I sure miss Lucy's mama!

Caedmon got a bath in Grandma's sink!

Four Generations

Kelsey had a Pampered Chef Bridal shower while we were there.
Here she is with the her mom and the hostess's (3 of her aunts)

I sure do love my sis-in-law!  So happy for her!

My bff from when we were like 4 years old, Shannon came to meet Caedmon
and hang out with me for a little while.  I really wish we lived closer.  
I miss her. :)

Easter Dinner Saturday night with my mom's side of the family.
Kilah was a natural with Caedmon, I think she's ready to be an aunt 
{hint, hint Kait and/or Karinne!} :)
Hope didn't realize she was the only one posing for this picture! haha
Lincoln had a blast with Riley!
Grandma Hunni getting in her Caedmon time
Lincoln and Madison
it's a risk stealing my camera and taking silly picture of yourself.
I might post one on my blog for the whole world to see!
love you Trey!

Easter morning before church
my handsome little boy

I was terrible about getting pictures on Easter and this is the only one I have of Caedmon in his outfit and because of the bib you can't even see his cute shirt and he's already kicked off his moccasins! 
Oh well.  He's cute anyway :)
Oh AND I didn't get a family picture of us 4....what was I doing?!

Hunting for eggs on the farm

Caedmon with his Great Aunt Marta

Checkin' out the tires on the tractor

So that's what our Easter weekend looked like.  It was jam packed full of family and friends and we were exhausted afterwards but it was so worth it!  I wish we were able to make it back more often but being so far away it's hard {and not to mention expensive}.  We're excited to come back in less than 2 months for Kelsey and Seth's wedding in June!  

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