Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"you've got a friend in me"

After living in Wichita for 9? years for Tyler and 4 for myself, we developed some pretty great friendships over the years.  So when we were in Kansas City with my family we got to see some of them!  Tyler was just there for a day so we met up with his buddy David.  
Him and his wife Amber just had a baby boy!  We got to meet sweet little Isaac.

Isaac and Caedmon just chillin'

Then I had the chance to drive down to Wichita for a night and hang out with some 
pretty awesome people :)
The kiddos eating

All of us girls...some pretty sweet friends
Lydia, Sasha, Kendra, Kaely, Ashley and myself
miss you girls!

Zeke was cropped out of the above picture
He was making us all laugh as he just stared at us all taking a picture :)

My friend Lesley was in Iowa seeing her family, 
so on her way back to Wichita she was able to stop and see us.
And we got to meet their newest addition, Boaz! 
Caedmon was rude and slept. :)
Us and our boys
We were both in our first trimester, sick and pregnant with these two
when our two families took a vacation to Chicago last summer.
Then 7 months later... :)
Lincoln with Boaz's older sisters, Jordan and Rylie

I'm so glad that it worked out for us to see so many of our friends while we were back.  There's never enough time to see everybody but we squeezed in as much as we could!  Maybe that's why I ended up sick after all this? :)  

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