Thursday, April 26, 2012

got my fix

of Sonic's vanilla Dr. Pepper, that is!
The boys and I spent a week in Kansas City after Easter, with my family (minus Trey, silly Nashville has stolen him from us!)
Everyday I had my sonic drink in hand! :)
Hello, my name is Marie and I'm addicted to vanilla Dr. Pepper...

Ready for an insane amount of pictures?
Hold on tight, here we go!

me and my beautiful sister.....REALLY wish we lived closer.  I miss her a ton.
Oh and remind me next time to suck in my post baby belly for a picture....mmmk?

Lincoln played with these little animals for 2 days straight...

Holding up this big head is such hard work! 

We went to Fritz's again for supper one night.

Lincoln a little excited about the trains :)

Not so excited about this hat... :)

Hope and her kiddos she nanny's for, came over one morning

Bath time in Grandma's zebra bathroom!

King of the Mountain!

Playing cars with Uncle Derek

Somebody's getting very sleepy....

Papa Jay lovin' on Caedmon

Hope and Derek with the boys

Lincoln liked wearing my head pretty :)

The whole fam at Easter

Another sink, another bath :)

Grandma and one of her boys :)

While the boys nap....the girls craft!
With big sonic drinks close by of course :)

We bought paper mache letters and mod podged scrap book paper 
onto them. 

Caedmon got in on the fun too

Derek studied so hard, he fell asleep :)
This guy is so dedicated to studying, I'm very impressed.

And the end results of our letters!  
LOVE how they turned out!

And there you have it.  Another fun trip back to see family!


  1. Holy shmoley ~ you and your sister look so much alike!!! What a beautiful family you have! Looks like you had a great time!

  2. Love that rustic wood look of your R! Way cool paper!