Saturday, April 28, 2012

right now i am...

got this idea from Meg's Whatever Blog
right now i am.....
watching: The Big Bang Theory.....Bazinga! Oh how that shows makes us laugh!
drinking:  McDonald's iced coffee....I've refound my love for them
wearing:  workout clothes so I stay motivated to workout at some point today!  I have a new do some sort of workout everyday for the next 30 days.  Whether it's Jillian, Jazzercise or sit ups and push ups at home....I'm going to get these last few pounds OFF.  Summer is coming!  Lol! 
eating: Chips and Salsa....mmmmm.
listening: Silence.....Lincoln is outside helping daddy set up the new playset (woo hoo for a great craigslist find!) and Caedmon is sleeping.
avoiding: Cleaning the bathroom....I hate a messy bathroom but I also hate cleaning it...ugh.  NOT looking forward to two boys in the coming years, trying to aim at the toilet and failing...yuck.
wishing:  for warmer weather....we got such a tease a few weeks ago and now it's back to "normal" spring weather
feeling:  all over the place....confused, antsy, scared, excited and like a failure all at the same time for all different things.  
missing:  our families and old friends
thankful:  for a hubby who wakes up with the boys on a Saturday morning and lets me sleep in :)
craving:  Take one guess....yep Vanilla Dr. Pepper.
wondering: how God will grow our family next :)
praying:  for patience and wisdom in raising my 2 boys
needing:  a pedicure
thinking:  about how to fix my new curtains for my kitchen.  I turned a shower curtain into window curtains and it's white/gray horizontal stripes.  I may have messed it up a bit and how the stripes don't line up.....annoying. 
dreaming:  about a vacation to a beach with just my man.  


  1. I have to watch the Big Band Theory... I have heard so much about it! I love vanilla dr. pepper too... a lot.

  2. Love Big Bang!! Also agree completely with the bathroom statement. With two boys I feel like the bathroom always smells :0)