Wednesday, October 17, 2012

caedmon { 10 months }

oh my sweet baby boy (I have to say that as much as I can while I still can!) you are 10 months already.  10 months!  serious, 10 months?!  you are changing every single day and I feel like it's happening too fast for me.  i'm 100% serious right now.  stop it.  stop changing so fast.  i'm not saying you can't change, just not so fast!  you went from eating pureed baby food one day to half of my plate at supper the next.  not kidding.  you eat like a mad man and I'm not quite sure how to handle this.  i have a boy who eats, like a lot of food?  chunks of food? you don't need it pureed anymore?  i'm not exaggerating when I say that lincoln was 14-15 months when he ate the food that caedmon is eating.  i hate the comparing so i'll stop but that's just how different they are with eating.  lincoln would gag and choke on EVERYTHING so that's why the transition to big people food took  (he just now at age 3 can finally eat apples without choking, I've become very proficient at the heimlich)

ok so back to caedmon.  sorry buddy, your brother is stealing the show :) 

at 10 months you are:
*sleeping all night long.  let's just let the beauty of that sink in for a few seconds....




ok, I just can't explain how good it feels to get a full nights sleep :)

*eating table food in small, cut up chunks like stated above

*we are slowly transitioning from 100% breastfeeding to formula :( about 50/50 right now. but I'm really ok with it.  lots of factors involved but it's just time to let the transition happen.  my goal was 1 full year but 10 months is pretty. darn. good.  I'm proud of myself for sticking it out.  so that's that.

*pulling yourself up on furniture and in your crib.  you still can't figure out how to sit down from standing so you just fall.

* crawling FAST

*climbing stairs slowly

*still in size 3 diapers for a little longer but 4 at night

*still in your infant carrier carseat but very quickly getting too big for it.  thus begins the search for the next carseat.

*a content boy.  unless you are tired or hungry you are smiling all day long.  your toothless smile just melts my heart every single time.  

*only the 2 bottom teeth still!  the top ones have receded and I can hardly feel them anymore.  so maybe you won't be a vampire for Halloween? :)  i'm totally fine with that though just an fyi

So here are you ten month pictures....which gave me a workout, you are all over the place!

blurry but it was the only one with him sitting up
that I could get!

and off he goes again...


  1. Caedemon is seriously one of the cutest little boys I know, and so photogenic! Have you started planning his birthday?!

    1. thanks, you are too sweet! I sure think so but I'm a little biased :) I've thought a little about his birthday party but since all our family is so far away it kind of takes away the fun of planning a big party for him since no one can come :( So we will just celebrate with little parties with each side of the family at Christmas since it's so close. But I'm itching to plan a cute party for him so we'll see what happens!