Thursday, October 18, 2012

embrace the camera {oct. 18}

embracing with my smiley 10 month old today.  
we were on our way out the door to Jazzercise for me to
get my workout on and thought I'd snap a few quick pictures
while he was keeping his cute little hat on.

I'm still not convinced that his eyes are going to stay blue but I'm sure lovin' them
while they are! 
His blue outfit REALLY makes them pop.
 Look at the stark difference between his and mine.  
light, light, light blue
and dark, dark dark brown 
Tyler's eyes are a hazelish green so I think C's are headed that way.
He does look more like his daddy than like me so that would make sense :)

now YOU get out there and embrace the camera!  
You won't regret it, I promise!


  1. It takes SO long for eyes to settle on a color. My kids' were all blue-blue. And now at almost 3 I call Livi's hazel. They are more blue tinted hazel, then mine are green-hazel. But the boys' stayed blue like their dads.

    Either way.... CUTE!!!

  2. Yes, very cute pictures! Funny, I have blue eyes but I always wanted brown eyed kids and I got my wish :)

  3. Oh my gosh! He's so stinkin cute! Love his little hat.


  4. Sweet pictures! :) Beautiful mom and baby! I love that family sign behind you too!