Wednesday, October 10, 2012

punkin patch

This was apparently "America's Longest Slide"
AKA TONS of fun!  But man oh man that hill we
had to climb up to get to the top made me feel strong and accomplished kicked my butt
and reminded me how out of shape I am!  Lol

The third time, Lincon got brave enough to try it himself :)  

bouncing around on the giant pillow looking thing :)
{yes that's it's technical term, haha}

Walking through the corn maze, it was sooooo muddy

I think during the time we took to take this picture (0.2 seconds) Lincoln had
jumped into a huge mud puddle.  Oh boys!

It took everything he had in him to obey and ride the stroller through the mud instead
of jumping off and right into it but he listened really well :)
Slowly gaining ground on this whole obedience thing.
It's such a process

hayrack ride #2 in 2 weeks :) Caedmon was staring at the Tractor 
pulling us

I think C was more interested in something another family was doing at
that moment :)

The tractor is all Lincoln cared about of course

snack break

Johnny Appleseed

Riding the Mooler Express

Lincoln was so funny while jumping in the bounce house.
He kept coming up to this one boy and say, 
"Hey!  Hey you!  Hey boy!  You wanna go to the corn (maze)
with me?"
No response from said boy.
"Hey, Hey boy!  You wanna go to corn?" 
"ok" and he proceeds to jump/run into the corners of
the bounce house.
Tyler and I were laughing.  Oh man. :)
It so fun to watch him attempt to have his own conversations
with other kids or even adults.  Growing up so fast

awesome slide made from a culvert on a hill of tires

Taking a break so we could catch our breathe take in the beautiful surroundings
on the way back up to the jumping area/playground

cool gourds

beautiful colors on the trees

our little family of four.  I am so stinkin' blessed.
 I love all my boys so much, 


  1. Caedmon looks so grown up all of the sudden! Looks like you guys had fun!

  2. Replies
    1. Mapleside Farms down in Brunswick. So fun! Expensive but fun :)