Wednesday, October 10, 2012

ten on ten {october}

what is ten on ten?
on the tenth of every month
for ten consecutive hours,
you take one photo each hour
to document your day.

I love doing it!
here was our tenth day of october...

dresser drawers waiting to be transformed!
stain is all ready to go, just need to find a spare minute to apply it.
and no your eyes aren't deceiving you, the top left drawer knob is
not like the others

tons of new (to him) "cars" cars sitting right by the potty.
All day every day, just waiting for him.
He's got some serious self control.

"Lincoln, stop your brother from climbing up the stairs"

found these gems buried in my wallet
only downfall?  they have to be used in-store.
the closest store?  6 hours away :(

Ready or not!  Here I come!
cute little toes hiding from me :)

these two getting into mischief
They climbed the hay bails and tried to get over the fence
until Lincoln's pant leg got caught...

yummy starbucks with a sweet friend

It's all about perspective....
so blessed to have little shoes and socks laying 
around the house.

Well I guess unloading the dishwasher
is Caedmon's new chore :)

yay for freezer meals!
don't laugh at my handwriting :)

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  1. Great photos. Favorite? Little toes.

  2. Awwww, little toes- so cute!
    Shoes and socks on the stairs is really adorable too.
    Such happy boys :)
    Nice set.

  3. i agree with the perspective of little shoes around the house. :)
    and i'll pray for you with potty training. it's one of my least favorite things to try and teach a boy. but i've been told that if you can potty train a boy, you can teach him anything!