Tuesday, August 30, 2011

bloggy friends

So I have a friend.  Her name is Alyss (pronounced like uh-lease, just thought I'd let you all know since I thought her name was pronounced like "alice" for the longest time).  She rocks her little corner of the blog world over HERE.  I love reading her blog and the nice comments she always leaves on my blog.  She has a sweet little guy who will just melt your heart with his smile.  Seriously, he's adorbs.  We've emailed back a forth and she is so sweet.  After I announced that I was preggo, she sent me some fun snail mail.  It's so fun to open up packages in the mail.  This package included a fun beach towel that I just HAD to post on my blog (read the writing on it and you'll see why!), a cute little shirt for Linc-man and a thoughtful note.  Blogging friends are so awesome!  I love the community of women blogging has introduced me to!

The shirt says, "To do List: Be Awesome Like Mom!"  
Don't tell him this but he's WAY more awesome than his mom.  He doesn't need to know that yet!
And yes you would be correct when you think he is standing on the back of the couch playing on the window sill.  He's a crazy little daredevil. 

It was hard to get a picture of the front of the shirt while he was looking and when 
I asked him to show me his shirt, I get this...

This picture was shortly after I got the towel from Alyss (it was like at the beginning of summer!) Lincoln was showing his Grandma Hunni the beach......and guess what?!

Grandma Hunni is coming back to see us this weekend!  I really had to twist her arm (not!) to come watch Lincoln for us while we go to a wedding :)  I really wished we lived closer.....it's just hard being so far away from family.  Maybe someday....

So needless to say we are super excited to see her!  Lincoln can even say Grandma Hunni now!  It comes out more like "meema Hunni?"  Hunni (or honey) is always said as a question.  There is a reason I always spell it that way, my maiden name and Grandma Hunni's last name has "hunni" in it.  So really for all those who were confused, I do actually know how to spell! 


  1. Well, look at that. The towel made the cut! Haha! I'm so glad you enjoyed that and the shirt! He looks totes adorbs. ;)

    I'm so glad to have "met" you Marie!

  2. I try not to let my boys know either yet, but they are way more awesome then me or my husband. LOL It's so nice to have friends, bloggies or not, that support you in some way. I especially get the wanting family close. We are super duper over the moon lucky that both grandmas live really close. Praying one day you get your wish. :)